When the mind, soul, and spirit is balanced...

Services Provided

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Wounds Healer, and Reiki Practioner, I work with a wide range of clients and offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each individual. In a supportive atmosphere, I help clients attain the professional, spiritual, and personal growth they're striving for.

I offer sessions, both in-person and on the phone. We will start with an initial assessment to clearly define your short and long term goals, everything from communication skills to personal acceptance. We will use these goals as a foundation to create a strategy for attaining these objectives.

As a Life Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor, I specialize in the following areas:

Perinatal and Postpartum Depression
Therapy to help with extreme sadness, low energy, anxiety, changes in sleeping or eating patterns, crying episodes, and irritability, irrational thoughts, anxiety, depression, ocd.



Expressive Arts Therapeutic Skills
This program focuses on the integration of play, expressive arts, and Sandplay practices in therapies for children, adolescents, adults, and couples.




Sandplay and Expressive Arts Techniques 
This program focuses on the integration of play, expressive arts, and Sandplay practices in therapies for adolescents, adults, and couples.




Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment 
A set of evaluation procedures administered and interpreted to obtain information about the person's development, learning, memory, academics, behavior and mental health.



Individual Counseling 
Psychotherapy skills, Interpersonal Psychology skills, choice theory, cognitive behavioral therapeutic skills, 





Smiling family of fourFamily Treatment
A type of psychological counseling (psychotherapy) that helps family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.






Grief Counseling 
$75.00 per hour
Family Loss, Perinatal Loss, Postnatal Loss, Loss of Spouse, Loss of child, Life Transitions Loss




3 trees in a forestFamily Genograms and Family Dynamics
$55.00 per Session
A genogram (pronounced: jen-uh-gram) is a graphic representation of a family tree that displays detailed data on relationships among individuals. It goes beyond a traditional family tree.  Family Geneograms help us figure out family patterns and                                        behaviors.


Children and Youth Life Coach 
$30.00 per hour
With a Masters in Human Services Counseling : Life Coaching and a niche for working with children and youth! As an independent counselor Cindy wants to help change the lives of children one at a time.



15 minute Consultation  FREE Discussion on what type of help you need and if our services met your needs. 


Spiritual Life Coaching $75.00 a per session

Dream Big! Live your best life using The Soul Healing Coach Approach to Shifting Your Life from Existing to Living an Abundant Life. Angel can help you live from your soul, find your soul desires, and begin to live from a place of passion that is goal directed and life more abundantly!


Family Counseling 
A type of psychological counseling (psychotherapy) that helps family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.




 Someone asked a great friend of mine, who is she, and my friend replied, "Angel is a healer!" 

I am a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.  I studied under Master Teacher Katrina Owen  of Usui Reiki.  I use the Koki-ho method where I use a  breathing method along with hand placements to administer Reiki.  I am a believer of the power of the Holy Spirit and the healing power of God. I use the Holy Spirit along with discernment to detect areas of where the soul has been wounded. I use singing bowls to detect where emotional trauma, unforgiveness, or pain is in the body.  Laying on of hands is used in many cultures to help heal the wounded places.  I offer 20 minute to 60 minute sessions available on Wednesday from 8am-11am and 4pm-6pm and some Saturdays from 9 to 1 by appointment only.  




Please inquire about my life coaching packages to get optimal results at the best value.